Thursday, October 06, 2005


I stumbled across Gackt (pronounced "ga-ku-to" a Japanese musician turned diva turned movie star turned god a few months ago when a good buddy of mine revealed his man crush. After viewing some his concert DVDs, I don't blame him.

Personally, I think the man has some style. I love the theatrics of Malice Mizer. Each one of the four members paraded onto stage to some intro music. They each wore a different colored angel outfit. The guitars were fastened to a stand designating their place on stage. The four on stage minus Gackt would start the song. Both with a sense of expectation and wonder, Gackt as black angel would descend from above. His face was painted white, his mouth stained with blood from a recent feeding. The music changes pace to mark both his entrance, descent and landing. All in all, majestic.

So if you haven't heard of Gackt, that's cool. It seems like not too many people know of him. But in Japan, he's worshipped. Japanese worship differently than Americans. This guy has been on top going on 10 years now. For one, the story that surrounds him and his performance is mythic. He claims to be born in 1540 making him 465 years old. (Reminds me of rebirth and immortality... but that's another post) His sensuality beams on stage. His answer to questions of his sexuality are ambigious at best basically telling the fans to "believe whatever works best for you."

So here's my question. What is it that makes a person beam? How do you become radiant and hold a crowd in awe? We've all, hopefully, been mezmorized by a performer. Or seduced by a music act. Religious people have had this power before. How hard is it to have a group of people 'fall' for your image? Ahhh... hot game. What a fascinating topic. Anyone out there ever think about this stuff?


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