Friday, December 30, 2005

The Octopus Project

Through the hapless internet surfings of the day, I happened upon a small magazine called "Impose Magazine". (Personally I think they should change their name to Impose, but whatever.) Here's a little description from their MySpace Profile.*
"And if you think we're cool, well, you're wrong. We're the nerds of this music magazine business. We like music for the sake of liking music. If you can listen to a metal album after a hip-hop album, after an indie-rock album, after a punk album, after a country album, after a dance album, after a hardcore album, but before a jazz record, then we're the mag for you. We also rock it old-skool, DIY style. We know it's becoming increasing popular to "sell-out," but we're more into being poor and giving away our services. That's right we're free."
Ummm... sound delicious doesn't it.

On the cover of this month's magazine, was "The (International) Noise Conspiracy" (listen here). See how I put that picture. Right there? Huh? Pretty cool. They're one of my favorite bands. If you've heard them, check out "Refused". Somehow related to TINC.

If you look really close, you'll see "The Octopus Project".

I saw these guys at The Proletariat in Houston about three years ago. They rocked. I've got their sticker plastered on my bumper. And when ever anyone asks me, "Whose the Octopus Project" I have to say "They rock!" No more, no less.

Well now I say more.
They rock the casbah.
Bullshit you say?
Well listen to them and lay garlands and praise at their aural feet! If you dare.

Seriously, I really enjoy these guys. They all switch up instruments. There's only three of 'em (one is a cute chick.) They play all sorts of different instruments. There's different movements within the music. It's hypnotic and captivating. I hope you give a listen. This is what type of hell bent melodies spring forth from that rocking city known as Austin, TX.

I look forward to reading more from "Impose". I think they'll have a lot of interesting suggestions that I won't have the time or money to follow up on. Maybe I'll talk about Juxtapoz soon and how I found some of my favorite artists in there. Tomorrow I'll share with you my New Year's resolutions. At least the ones I want public.

*This whole MySpace thing is like crack. SuperCrack for crack babies. Crack for crack babies that were incubated in supercrackified embryoic fluids. God I love crack. And crack loves me.


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