Saturday, December 31, 2005


I thought that it might be a little cliche that I making a resolution, but I think its nice to know several million people are honestly making an effort to improve their lives. To that end, I wanted to share my sincere efforts for next year.

First, I want to contribute personally to a strong, socially open group of high quality people. I'm particularly glad that I've moved to Brooklyn to start this endeavor.

Second, I want to make more people smile and feel at home in my presence.That they can be free and more innocent with me. Just so we can feel more joyful together. Help men find their mission and women to find their radiance.

Third, create a financial endeavor that intrigues and challenges me.

Fourth, become physically fit. So much so that my body moves with ease.

Fifth, master my pranic energy so I have flow and glow.

Sixth, tithe.

That seems like quite a hefty list for now. I hope that you have some wonderful goals set for yourself. And have some peace in your life!


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