Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The Fairer Blogs

I read over 200 blogs. Scratch that. I'm subscribed to over 200 blogs. Of which I read about 2.

I read only a handful of blogs on a daily basis. And I am quite suprised that so many are written by women. No, I'm not saying women are stupid (goddamn I can hear the bickering from here!) but there's an undeniable fact that most computer related activities, espeicially early adopters, are men. That and women are dumb.

Here's a few blogs I really adore. (Seriously, don't get your panties in a twist.) They range from cooking to yoga to blogging and more. I really admire the content and style of each author. Some are young, some are married, some are crazy. All of them are intense, passionate and insightful. So begins the list!

Chez Christine
Monami. So you want to be a cook? No! You will be a chef!
Christine is documenting her initiation into the world of precision cooking while she is under the tutelage of the ever watchful gatekeepers at Le Cordon Bleu. Plus she had this picture on her site.

BL Ochman on Blogging
That's it. She's all about taking the bullshit the average company passes as marketing and throwing in their face. She's fiesty, she a vetran and she's awesome.

I really don't know her name. I could find it anywhere! But I couldn't not include her. (Does that actually count as a sentence?) As you may well know, I've recently moved to Brooklyn and now have my own little apartment which requires a little splash of paint and a touch of flair (I swear I'm not gay... Sometimes I wonder). Now I was going to leave her off my list because she doesn't have a name, but she likes Mates of State, so it's ok.

Kathy Sierra
Oh my God! This woman is like Liono. She has sight beyond sight. Her analysis is perceptive and usually on target ('Sideways' wasn't about knowing wine... not at its core IMO). That's not even half the story. She creates images for her blog that compliment her post in such an elegant manner that I can't even imagine being this good. I hope my osmotic abilities get pumped up an order of magnitude so I can hang in her league.

Kimberly Wilson
Where would I be without yoga? HipTranquilChick is a clothing line started by Kimberly out of DC. She has simple but attractive attire for the average yogini. So why in the hell am I reading her blog? Because, it's not just a blog. It's a podcast and I'm a podhead. But also because it's just darn insightful. She doesn't just talk about clothing or yoga, but an interesting mix focused on being a centered person in our crazy world. Besides, her voice is really cute.

Sally Hogshead
This girl's intense. Maybe she's not a girl. But she's definitely intense. Like a heavy metal guitar riff. Pithy, insightful, no holds barred mantras for success in the corporate labrynth. You will succeed or you will die! (maybe I made that one up... or not!)

Isabel Clark
I only found her today so I still checking her out. I don't think that sounded the way I wanted it to sound. Any case, she's a DC woman who focuses on health conscious meals. Check her out.

Marie Forleo
Sassy, motivated and cute? Huh? I don't think I had a choice but to read her. She's a lovely, self assured woman of the world. And now she's a Nike Fitness Dance model. How cool is that? Did I mention cute?

To be fair, I've compiled a list of women I think suck. Wanna hear it? Well here it is:
  • Paris Hilton -- Graceless.
  • Smurfette -- tease. Need I say more?
  • Maureen Dowd -- Insular and backwards.
  • Alf -- for so many years I thought he was a woman. Turns out he's really asexual.
  • Mother Teresa -- Seriously, if you don't see it, I just can explain it to you. (I met someone who really believed this. He was silly.Too much Ayn Rand.)
  • Kali -- That bitch is going to take us all down.
  • Desperate Housewives -- they just suck

Well, that's it for me. I guess it's only fair that I leave you with my real opinion of women and intelligence. Far too long people have bickered back and forth about whose more intelligent and some taking far too much pride in intelligence. What better way to say it when someone else has already said it for me.

"Thoughts have no sex." -Clare Boothe Luce


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