Wednesday, February 01, 2006


For eons now I've hated the word Blog. It makes little to no sense. It just sounds digusting. Like "Hey did you see the nasty blog I left for you?" or "Oh! I totally blogged all over that! Don't eat it!"

Isn't it gross? Even worse are the words that have come from blog. Like Blogosphere. ICK!!! I don't even want to get into how that turns my innards. You know there are words that we make up like Quizabuck and no one takes seriously. And there are words that really wonder if they're real like squab.

But how can we say Blogosphere without pissing ourselves or follow up with a "Just kidding!" I'm just waiting for the Internet Gods to say "Gotchya!"

So from henceforth (because all important things start with 'henceforth') blog and its deravatives will no longer be used. Rather we shall now refer to blog as a Duketastic.

Go ahead. Use it in a sentence. See how much this is? Ah... Now when I leave you a Duketastic you won't be mortified. Rather, you'll follow up with a gentle, sincere "Thank you." As if I had just finished dog sitting for you. How kind am I.

Seriously, we've got to come up with a better word than blog. It really does suck. Why not eJournal or QKitten?



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