Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam...and a Blue Frog

Spam. Besides being beloved by Vikings and Hawaiians of all shapes and sizes, it clogs e-mail boxes. I hate it. You hate it.

But there's some people fighting back, like BlueFrog. BlueFrog maintains a database of e-mail address that don't want to spammed. If a spammer gets a compaint from BlueFrog he goes to their database and compares his list to the BlueFrog database. Then he removes all the BlueFrog members from his list. Worried that he'll just add you to his list when he sees you in the BlueFrog database. Well, he can't see you. Ennnnnn-crypted. Want to know more? Here's a little more detailed account of how BlueFrog actually works.

I started using BlueFrog when I stumbled across it about three weeks ago. They have a wonderful Firefox plugin that monitors web based e-mail apps. And now a few spammers are pissed. Which is a good thing. I got a message in my mailbox saying "We know you use BlueFrog. If you keep on using it you will pay. You will get the bird flue and die!" And I was scared. I didn't want them to flood my e-mail with spam. So I went over to the BlueFrog Blog and check out what they had to say. Yeah, they had my e-mail address, but they didn't get it from BlueFrog.

So the next day I managed to receive 300 pieces of spam. Most of which gMail happily filed away into my Spam folder. And again, I was "Oh no. The world will end soon and all the will be covered with gooey ectoplasm. Run and hide! Run and hide!"

So I read the BlueSecurity blog that reassured the hysterical how BlueFrog works and I waited it out. The next day I was back to normal (and possibly below normal) spam levels. I think there'll be a few more spikes like this in the future. I think, like any battle, there'll be some risks and some rewards. It interesting to amongst the ranks and on the good side for once.

There's some detailed accounts of the recent spammer attacks. But none more acc-U-rate than mein. So don't bother reading any of those.

I'm open to seeing if anyone else is fighting spam out there. Let me know.


hi mitesh! sorry i've been gone so long. i just had to comment on this post because i love monty python. :)

thanks for sharing the bluefrog thing. sounds like a do-not-call list for spam. i'll check it out.

but i don't get all that much spam. i have only recently started to get it. for some reason they all think i have a penis and own my own home.

By Blogger Virginia Belle, at 11:08 AM  

Sadly, BlueFrog has folded under the attack of the spammer. I'm an disheartened.

If I find an appropriate alternative, I'll certainly post it here.

By Blogger Mitesh, at 1:12 PM  

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