Thursday, February 09, 2006


In the tradition of the campy 80s movie, Cannonball Run and with more humanitarianism than the maligned Bum Fight, I declared the need for a HoboRun.

This friendly competition wouldn't be limited to only hobos, but all inclusive of the entire drifting community. We'll include hobos, tramps and schnorrers. Yeah, I know no one really expects a schnorrer to win, but hey we're equal opportunity here. Absolutely no bums allowed. They just wouldn't get it.

Now, I was going to include migrant workers, but because of tax reason we've got to restrain ourselves. See the prize at hand isn't your ordinary booty. No we won't just have an oversized check. Rather, we'll have cold hard cash. That's right. Denominations numbering in over $25.

Plus, we'll have swill.
And plenty of it.

And not your ordinary swill brewed in a bathtub or moonshine. No this will be the highest quality whiskey brewed by our own Hobo Bob (pictured above). Hobo Bob has been brewing and bootlegging since the ripe old age of eight when his father use to sell to the local brothel. The recipe is generations old. Let me say this, its a delight to have Hobo Bob and the legacy he brings.

So the competition? Real simple. Get your way from NYC to LA by Planes, Trains and Automobiles.

"Well, Mitesh. This is simple. All I have to do is pack myself into a box and have myself planed across country."

"My crafty friend. You are quite the thinker! I must say. But did you ever think that maybe they may stick you in the freezing underbelly of the plane? You wouldn't enjoy your swill if you were dead."

"Ha, ha, ha! That's cold. I get it now!"

So be careful how you get there. But there are no rules in this competition. Except if we find any Yeggs they will immediately disqualified. This is dignified competition. Please have some restraint.

To all: Have a wonderful competition and see you in LA.


In my jest, I neglected to even humorously allude to the seriousness of the hobo situation. So here you go!

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