Saturday, May 06, 2006


Dear Maynard,

For years your words have challenged me, changed me and inspired me. Your latest have again effected me. Listening to these words have heavied my heart.

I know the burden you have chosen to carry is overwhelming. But I want you to know that even though no one can fight your battles for you that you are not alone on the battle field. These times may seem hopeless, but no that there is at least one other willing to fight along your side even in my naivete. The next few years will be difficult for all those battling for a new world; a better world. A world that only a few of imagined could exist. And as the old falls away to make room for the new I hope that a few of us can hold it together so the transistion hurts less.

My words, while never as eloquent or lovely as your own are the ones that came to my heart. I hope that your journey allows you to celebrate your peaks and your soul is strengthened in dark times. You have shared pain, hope and love all of which reminded me of my own. I wish you the best on your journey and hope to see you soon.



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