Thursday, June 22, 2006

The Business is of Chewy

If you're into entrepreneuralism, check out Guy Kawasaki's video on the Art of the Start. He says everything better than I could.

On another note, I think we need another Gospel. Yeah, we have the standard four: Mattius, Markius, Lukifer, und Jon. And we also have the crazy: Thomas, Mary, Barabus, Ryu and Jos. (Thank you Da Vinci Code for that act of blasphemy and ruining all of our lives!!)

Alas, I've decided there needs to be one more voice to this otherwise salacious cachophony of a Venetian Boys Choir. His is a story that starts like no others and tells a tale of intrigue, betrayal and adventure. With these ever faithful words "A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away" our furry scribe recounts the Gospel according to Chewbacca.

Yes! Only Chewy was there when Jesus defeated an uprising on the moon of Endor and when Jesus met his darkside clone. Only Chewy was there for the miracle known as Ewoks. For it was Jesus who created these little cherubs out of fish and bread. And Chewy was there when Jesus defeated Jon Luc Piccard in a run through the American Gladiator Gauntlet. All this without steroids or HGH. And Chewy even inspires us with Chewbaca 3:16 "AARRRGGG". Ahhh... the memories.

Ok... that was kind of silly. But there's been sillier.

Mitesh out!

PS... Clerks 2 is coming out.


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