Friday, October 14, 2005

Practice, Experience, Incorporate, Express

Have you ever met a totally enchanting individual? Have you ever noticed how expressive they were?

To be truly expressive mean not to confuse your expression with noise. So if you want to express joy, every fiber in your being is coordinated in joy.

Try this exercise. Ask someone an honestly open ended question. Then fix your gaze on their eyes or forehead (play with this... I am) and maintain an open, curious body position. This may mean having your arms by your side, but probably not crossed.

If you have the capacity, totally empty your mind of any thought. And just feel the moment.

Truly expressing your emotions is an amazing capacity. You generate emotions somewhere and then your body expresses them. Try focusing on your solar plexus to see what feeling are generated there. Its quite a little meditation.

Any case, I've focused on expression. But the title of the post is "practice, experience, incorporate, express." This formula is one for success at any goal.

You'll succeed. Peace.


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