Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The Power of Nature

I was reading one man's description of a hurricane:

Finally by daybreak the noise was so deafening even I couldn’t sleep.

I got up and took a seat by my picture window. The show was thrilling. The wind and rain flew horizontal, bending palm trees almost parallel to the ground. On the pool deck underneath me, bricks started popping out of the cement. The stairwell ‘Exit’ sign blew off in a shower of sparks.

A gorgeous 60-foot yacht broke loose of all ropes, but one. It spun around, floating in the entrance to the marina. If the last rope went, it would take out the pier and a few more sleek, luxury boats downwind. But the last rope held, and right after the storm, the owner came and secured her again.

The mass of sailboats bobbing in the bay that I wake up to each day were not so lucky. I watched one by one, as Wilma methodically sunk five of them. After the storm I noticed a sixth, with only a mast sticking out of the water at a cruel angle.

When I finally got out and walked around afterward, I realized how fortunate I had been.

Wow! My entire body shuddered in awe as I read about the sheer power of a hurricane.

I think there's something admirable about people who are able to be swept away by something powerful. It's so emancipating. I'd imagine death is just like that.


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