Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Share your Passion

Everyone has a dream, probably several. Some of my dreams include having a car that I love to drive, having a house that I suits my lifestyle and being with people who bring the best out of me.

But none of these are really my passion. My passion is far more reaching, far more testing and far more satisfying to live. My passion connects me to people in a way that elucidates each and every potential of my interaction with them through each and every pore of my body. That may be just as small as saying good job or a hug. Or it may be a larger undertaking that involves me growing a person from a guy to a man or just using my knowledge to start moving someone closer to their dream. I have no judgment on their dreams just a sense of whether ours share some space.

There is something lovely about being able to share my vision through my body, mind and spirit. I embrace this.


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