Monday, November 07, 2005

What would you rather lose?

I was listening to the local alternative radio station in NYC and they raised an interesting question.

"Would you rather lose a hand or be impotent?"

C'mon guys? It's only a hand... right? Easy enough. This was also with the little caveat of successful raising of the flag, so to speak, every one in five chances.

Then the next question.

"Be impotent or... lose a leg."

No just to the knee but all the way up to the hip.

This raised some eyebrows. Most of the men would still lose a leg and all the women thought it was kind of weird.

And then the best question. The one that divided the men.

"Would you rather be impotent or blind?"

The whimsical circumstances went flying about with no stop in sight. How will I manage to get around the city? What does it matter if I can't see the chick? What's the point of living?!?!?!

But it got me thinking. (God forbid I actually do that!) It's really interesting how we connect our potency to our value, which all men do and the limits to which we relate our potency to our world around us.

Hear me out! Guys have such a limited view of beauty in general. Imagine not being able to see how hot the chick is. That's cool. I'm like every other man out there and really enjoy a well dressed women. But a woman who holds her self with grace and radiates with love is extremely rare! Now that's fuckin' beautiful.

And of course my potency, my ability to be a man, is very important to me. And it is very much so connected to my genitals. And personally, I'd rather not be alive without them. But the depth through which we channel our potency is limited. "Look, look hunny! I got it up!" But that's only 6" and I'm 6' of man. My potency travels through all my entire body. With each breath, I try to breathe it in and exhale it out. The Taoist call it a bubble spring. Indian Yogis have all sorts of techniques to channel it up the spine. But we're still in awe of just having genitals.

I wonder if they would ever ask "Would you rather be impotent or let go of your heart?" I guess most people think we're only here to procreate. And maybe we are. But it sounds kind of viral. And some of my greatest moments have been really relating to my heart. Personally, I'd rather be dead than let go of either. I would never be me again. And death is a welcomed alternative because at least I would die with a little dignity and grace.


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