Monday, October 24, 2005

Show Me the Money

"Shaq is RICH! The white guy who signs Shaq's checks is wealthy!" -- Chris Rock

These last few weeks have been pondering what my relationship is to successs, wealth and money. I haven't drawn any hard and fast definitions, its definitely a work in progress. But I have trajectory of thought I'd like to share.

If I am successful with money, I own it and place where it can work for me. I understand the mechanisms and procedures that dictate the direction of money. This is very useful if you're starting a business or even a family.

If I am wealthy, I don't need to be successful with money. I can always hire someone to do that. There's probably a lot of people out there who konw how to manage money and are not themselves wealthy. When I'm wealthy, I figure it will spill over to those around. Chris Rock joked that when you're wealthy, you secure the future of generations. I agree, but I think it's not just those who come in your lineage, but those who surround you that benefit from your wealth: friends, family, business acquaintances.

I've also come to notice that people 'want' you to succeed but don't necessarily create avenues of success with you. They rather put up barriers. This isn't a cry for senseless yes-manship. But rather the development of an acute sense of being able to discriminate what possibilities exist, the timeline, and the effort needed for success.

Life is a dance, security allows you to dance a little more beautifully.


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