Thursday, November 24, 2005

Turkey Day

Today's Turkey Day. A day infamous for six hours of football, overeating and basic family tension. Thank God!

What I really love about Thanksgiving isn't the average culinary abominations or the drunken uncle visiting from his latest hobo adventure, but the start of the holiday shopping season. Yeah, yeah I know I saw X-mas advertisements on Halloween and the X-box 360 was launched earlier this week. But tomorrow is Black Friday. In it's customer-crowded infamy, I'm surprised so many people still make the trip to the malls, wait in line and buy, buy, buy!

Many people, egged on by Adbusters, have even reverted to taking passive protest actions deeming tomorrow Buy Nothing Day. What I really like that the average customer can re-empower themselves. Most people don't realize the constant and all pervasive messages we see probing us to buy the latest gadget, wear the newest, shiniest dress or flaunt that antique dodad.

So hooray for self-determination and empowerment of the people. I know that the average company doesn't really care about me beyond my checkbook. However, I give big props to companies that truly love their products: Google, American Apparel and Stormhoek. But how many people do you know define themselves through the products they use? Or better yet, how many people do you disqualify based upon the product they use? What you don't listen to LPs? Then you really don't appreciate music. Hey not wearing Campers? You're not old school. Never heard of Dale Chihuly? Well then you don't know art.

The complicated posturings we do never truly communicate our depth and our truth. Only through this do we ever show our strength, our innocence and our beauty. So dress well, enjoy your gadgets, have an ego, but don't forget, which is to say remember, we are eternal all this pain is an illusion.



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