Thursday, October 20, 2005

The Astros win, the Astros Win!

Holy shit! That was one phenomenal series. When Game 5 ended in a 3 run blast by the most domineeering batter in the NL, I was deflated. But when Oswalt stepped in and stepped up unhit through 4 and only letting on one run and three hits through 7.

The Astros dominated the series. After dropping only the first game, they earned the split at St. Louis and followed through with two wins at home. Both were great games. Then through 9 2/3 innings having a two run lead lost it to Pujols and Ekstein. Even at this point I'm sure every Astros fan And then the domination

The Astros vs. White Sox is going to be a great series. I hope. Both have monster bullpens. The Astros have never been to the World Series and the White Sox haven't been in about 80 years.

So normally I hate baseball. It's either full of errors, ridiculously in favor of one team, or just plain old boring baseball. This will not be that type of series. Both teams are scrappy. Both teams have class. And both teams have heros even of the unexpected variety (remember Backe last year in the playoffs.)

If baseball interests you in the least and you're sick of the watching teams like the Yankees and Boston slug it out, this will be a great series.


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