Monday, October 17, 2005

Destiny and the Arcline

The arcline in yogic anatomy is an arc that extends from one ear over the crown to the other ear. You see it in religious iconagraphy as a golden halo over saints and other religions figures. But we all have one with varying colors and thinknesses.

From my own personal experiences it clears your head and sets your thoughts straight. It has several aspects like wisdom, meditation and self-esteem. But the ones I'm concerned with are protection and destiny.

So destiny. I never considered my destiny to preclude my free will. Actually, I consider my destiny something I chose along with my concept of Nature/High Being as I developed the first petterings of my own self concept. Anything that barred me from being aligned with a self concept instantly became what I was suppose to change. That's my passion. It strive for more. My passion is directly connected to my destiny. And when I'm work with my destiny in mind, I have clarity of action. If my actions and destiny are aligned with the greatest good, then it's wisdom.

Personally, I think that life wants me to succeed. When I pursue my deepest destiny with the force and relentlessness of a warrior, then in my darkest moments grace will break through.

Somehow I suspect that my arcline is connected to my heart. I remember reading that if you have a strong arcline you can live with a loving heart without any concern of being hurt. Personally, I look forward to living with an open heart.


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