Tuesday, December 13, 2005

A Challenge

I've been reading quite a bit about what makes people successful. One shared trait is successful people don't allow negative thoughts into their life. Nothing like "I can't", "Not me", or "I'm a failure." More so they don't even use wishy washy language: "I guess", "I hope", "I don't know if I can". It's all do or do not. The decision is clear.

So for the next seven days I will filter out all negatives from my stream of consciousness. Furthermore, I won't share negativity with others. Only positivity and neutrality. This is simple but very difficult to do. It takes quite a bit of awareness, patience and forgiveness.

Peace out!

Update: I actually started this on 12-11, but here are my realizations. First, I have a large amount of negativity that snakes it's way into my life. Certain things I think I desereve, I notice my body has a tense, negative reaction to. Secondly, it's really cool. I've got a smile on my face most of the day and I enjoy being with other positive people.


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