Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Homophobia, pride, manhood and legacy

One of the milestones I look forward to in life is having a son and unearthing his manhood. No, not like that sicko! I want to, at the age of puberty, have him intimately become aware of the raw masculine energies and how these will serve him to fulfill his own vision.

I don't want my son to be cold hearted or a jerk like we find in high school. But I want him to self-aware, determined and strong. I want him to know his own strength through his silence and presence. These are, in my opinion, the basis of masculine energy.* He has to be able to perform the 3Ps: protect, provide and procreate. Then there's an assortment of feminine traits I think he has to have as well. But that's a different topic all together.

The 3Ps listed above are essential to being a man. Protect those you care for from the things that really threaten you. I'd hope most people would learn to charm these threats and win them as allies rather than destroy them, but if push comes to shove, so be it.

As each of us grows and matures, our needs become more amorphous and more internally based. At first we require the basics: food, shelter and water. Easy enough. But as we grow we need more psychological, intellectual and emotional substance. A fully aware man knows where to mine these gems and can even teach others how to secure it for themselves.

Finally procreation. This is more than woman and man in copulation. But it is important. Rather, it is being able to dance with all feminine energies from the moon to a though that keeps you awake at night. There are ways to move and penetrate these energies with your own determination and presence. Dancing with these energies allow for balance within a masculine man.

So why this long winded introduction? On the way to work I listen to Howard Stern. He makes me laugh and he cares about the people who are close to him. But there was an archived segment where Artie was being taken out by guys from Queer Eye. Artie happens to be a gambling, drinking long shoreman turned comedian from Jersey. Not necessarily your most open minded of individuals. In the segment he's tremendously homophobic and yet charmingly funny at the same time, but he was also drunk off his ass.

This got me thinking a bit about high school and how people are so worried about being called a fag. It sucks to be label that. It's terribly emasculating. So then I thought, "How would I feel if my son sexually enjoys men?" Personally, I'd consider myself a failure to evoke his masculine essence, at least 1/3 of it.

That, by the way, is my first gut reaction. More important than anything else to me, is he happy and serving his vision in life. Besides creating a genetic legacy, my first glance it would seem that not mating with women is a problem with the 3Ps. But if he's gay and it's a sincere and natural expression of his truest nature then a form of procreation will manifest. And I may not know how it does, I just need to have the openness and awareness to nurture it. So even if my lineage is passed on through my genetics, my memes will be. And unless your genes can encode your memes it means very little to me.

I hope if my son is gay, that I won't be phased because I have taught him to be a man. Rather, if I've done my job, his attraction to men is a sincere and natural expression of his infinite nature and I will be simply overjoyed to know that he has the courage and trust to share this with me.


PS... If the Sacred Geometry work above intrigues you, there's an interesting discussion of it in The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life Vol 2.

* David Deida reviews the difference between masculine and feminine essences here.


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