Thursday, December 08, 2005

<Geek_On_This> Movies

I've started a little thread called <Geek_On_This>. This is for the weird things that really capture my attention and I really have to share. My inaugural <Geek_On_This> post is about movies.

Not just any movie. Not just one type of movie. But a lot of movies. On the cheap.

God only knows what mushroom induced trip inspired this insane offer, but I'm content in knowing that it exists. Where else will you find the Fury that is Kung Fu packaged together with an Explosion of Ninjas.

<Psst.. I will kick you in the head when you're not looking>

This is more than just a deal... it's more than a steal. It like when it starts raining pancakes. Yes it is that good with syrup on top. I think several children were sacrificed some esoteric evil deity in order for this much goodness to be packaged together. Seriously! 50 DVDs of absolute ninja kicking, kung fu-ing crap! Only $25! Needless to say, this will be purchased. Unless, some random benevolent soul decides to bite the bullet and purchase it for me. <Achem!> I can only watched each one once. On the level, how many times can you really watch this? How many could anyone really get through?

Well that's pretty much the first <Geek_On_This>. I don't promise there'll be any more, but if there are, enjoy!

Oh! One last thing on the crazy Martial Arts box set. Unfortunately, at this time there is no Chuck Norris videos included. It seems that he karate chopped himself out of the master disc. How saddening. He's been know to do things like that on occasion.


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