Thursday, February 02, 2006

It's Alive, It's ALIVE!!!

It's finally done! I've added four months of posts to my new home. Finally. I was delightfully fascinated by how my posts have changed. Mainly I spell check, proofread and use pictures. Like this!
God I love America and the IntraWeb. I can do anything with them!

In the spirit of archiving, I wanted to point you to a couple of my favorite posts through the last four months. First, you can take a look at my man-crush on Gackt. No Johnny Deep, but really, who is. If that wasn't disturbing enough, you can take a look at my fascination with Migas and kitties. And how could I forget Chuck Norris?

On a more serious note you can look over the importance of being expressive. (Expect a post contrasting repression and refined expression in the near future.) I also talked about the importance of sincerity in attracting a woman. Look how bad my old blog eJournal use to be. It didn't have comments so I gave out an e-mail address. Crazy, huh? There's a post I really enjoyed about the brotherhood of man and some other like this one.

But I'd really like to hear which posts you really enjoy. Sound off. And let me know what you want more of, what you think sucks and what design changes need to happen.


Fine... Just one more picture of Liberace! And that's it! You're cut off.


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